About Us

Kathy Memolo is the owner of Chewby Snacks.  She has always loved dogs and owned many throughout her life.  She currently has 2 rescues: Chewy, a shih tzu, and Abby, a lab mix.  They are her inspiration for wanting to create healthy dog treats as well as her favorite taste testers.  You can see the cartoon version of Chewy and Abby on every label.  Chewy + Abby = Chewby 

After working for years as an elementary school teacher, Kathy decided to take time off when her daughter, Natalie, was born.  Two years later, she had another daughter, Makenzie, who was in and out of the hospital due to many diagnoses.  It was at this point that Kathy knew a regular job was not going to work and Chewby Snacks was born. 

Chewby Snacks contain just 3-4 ingredients per flavor and each ingredient is researched to be healthy and easy to digest.  Every treat is handmade by Kathy to ensure quality and consistency.  Her favorite part of the job is meeting dogs and dog lovers who share her commitment to healthy food options.